Festival Begins


FRIDAY, MAY 1 2015

Scorpions - Rapscallions - Mysteria Mortis - Qi Luo - Octopuss - Second Hand Rose - Evocation - Sandee Chan - Sugar-Coated Doll Band - Absinthe Low Band - Qi Geng & You Pai - Junlin Liu - Lee Matter Band


Demi Lovato - Madison - David James Hoffman & Yampapaya Tribe - Gary Chaw - Artillery - Elva Hsiao - Cypher16 - Dear Sister Band - Million Heavy Band - Di Ma - Dark Haze Band - Pik Cheng - Silent Elegy

As China’s one and only international riverside music festival, the Chang Jiang International Music Festival (“Chang Jiang” also known as Yangtze River) has become one of the mostdistinctive music festival brandsout of Mainland China, for its unique geographical location, the full-on international experience and its differential positioning. Located on the Yangtze River Delta, this annual event pulls in thousands of people looking to enjoy their Labor Day holiday in China with family fun and incredible music. Ever since its inception in 2009, the Chang Jiang International Music Festival has dedicated itself to the philosophyof “Unbounded Music • Enjoy Life”. The 2015 Changjiang International Music Festival will make its first attempt to carry out a brand new model: “Music festival” + “Concert” – a breakthrough from the traditional music festival program which typically only includes 45 minutes sets from the big name artists.