Changjiang International Festival will place a strict enforcement on the capacity of the event. Tickets are based on first come first serve basis, which means that there may not have any ticket left on the island. You’d better buy ticket through regular way in advance and make plans accordingly.

Transportation Tips

Located at the downstream of Changjiang in Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu Province, Shiyezhou is the third biggest island eroded by the river. Through Runyang Yangtze River Bridge, it connects Yangzhou via Ning Tong, Jing Hu and Yang Li highway. On its south, there are Hu Ning, Ning Hang and NO.312 national highway as well as other roads along the river. It takes about 45 minutes to Nanjing, 10 minutes to Zhenjiang, 20 minutes to Yangzhou, 60 minutes to Changzhou, 2.5 hours to Shanghai, and 3 hours to Hangzhou.

By car:
If you drive from Zhenjiang to Shiyezhou, a better way could be go westwards along with Changjiang road to Zhengjiang south toll station, and then go through Yunyang Bridge in the direction of Yangzhou. After 2.5 kilometers, guidepost with Bridge Garden and Shiyezhou will be seen boldly. Passing Shiyezhou toll station (10 RMB), you will be directed to the parking area. If there is no more parking space, you can park your car in the parking lot in Bridge Garden and take the bus to the site, which is also convenient.
If you drive from Yangzhou, please take Yangli expressway to Runyang Bridge and after 1.5 kilometers, you’ll see Bridge Garden and then follow the same guide as above.

By train:
Zhenjiang is located at the side of Hu Ning railway (Nanjing—Shanghai). Everyday, there are about 170 trains arriving or passing by Zhenjiang railway station. Recently, a two-way high-speed train (Beijing—Zhenjiang) is available as well. You could take the train to Yangzhou first and take the bus to Zhenjiang, and then get to the site by bus. It takes only about 18 minutes from Nanjing to Zhenjiang by high-speed train, 70 minutes from Shanghai and 4 and a half hours from Beijing.

By flight:
In Zhenjiang, there is no airport. The nearest Lukou airport in Nanjing is about 60 kilometers away. It takes about 30 kilometers from the airport to Huning expressway. You can also take the airport shuttle to Zhenjiang directly.

By bus:

  1. Express line (from center of Zhenjiang to the site): South Square of railway station special bus line.
    Service time: Start form 9:00 am until last group of audience leaves the site.
    Route: South Square of railway station—Jiuhua Mountains Road—Beifu Road—Qili viaduct—Runzhou Road—Changjiang Road—Runyang Bridge—North inner ring road—Shiyezhou Music Square
  2. Bus: K216 will bring you to Shiyezhou music square directly.
    Service time: 6:20am—18:10pm
  3. Circle line on island: start at 13:00pm at Shiyezhou Music Square.


Transport on island:
Shiyezhou toll station will be seen firstly once you get on the island. The special bus line will bring you from center of Zhenjiang railway station to the site. There are tourism lines on the island and bus stations on the site. Guideposts will lead you to the parking lot and the site if you drive yourself. In the condition of traffic jam, you can park your car in Bridge Garden parking lot and walk to the site and enjoy the fresh air.
There is only one Sinopec gas station near Shiyezhou toll station with the service time form 6:00am to 20:00pm. If you need the service at late night, you need to be patient to wake up the crew. Note that, only #93 and #90 gas are provided. Fill up your tank if you need #97 gas.

Way to Home:
After the show, there are many buses that take you back to the final stop railway station.
If you drive, please pay attention to the two guideposts at the crossing road when you get to the Bridge, one will lead you to Yangzhou and the other is to Liyang. You should only drive towards to the direction of Liyang to get to Zhenjiang. And then after 3 kilometers, you will see the guidepost marked Zhenjiang South and through the toll station go ahead the Changjiang Road with the direction back to Zhenjiang. You won’t miss it.
If you need to go to airport, you’d better take the airport bus to Nanjing Lukou airport. The tickets are sold at tickets office, No.288 Zhongshan East road from 8:50am to 14:40pm each day.
The schedule for airport shuttles:
Zhenjiang—Nanjing 05:30/08:00/09:30/11:30/13:30/15:30/17:30
Add: Zhenjiang railway station South Square Terminal Building of Lukou Airport
Nanjing—Zhenjiang 10:30/12:00/13:30/15:00/17:00/19:00/21:30
Add: Exit of Lukou Airport


On Shiyezhou Island:
For better condition, your best choose is Jinlin Runyang Bridge Hotel on the island. Other choices are Languifang Club, Happy Farm, Kangquan farm stay, Tianshiyuan Vacation Resort, Kangquan Hotel, and No.1 Apartment. The town government of Shiyezhou encourages the locals to provide accommodations for fans.

Camping is also allowed in this festival to get you the feelings of open-air party. In order to provide better service, small supermarket, 24-hour shower, catering area (breakfast & dinner), toilets, baggage depository, site lightening, cleaning, 24-hour power supply for mobile phones, hot water as well as the rental and sales for camping equipment are provided.

Open: 30 April 2015, 14:00pm
Close: 3 May 2015, 12:00
Check-in for Camping:

  1. Buy the tickets for 2015 Changjiang International Music Festival (either 1-day ticket or 2-day ticker)
  2. Show your ID at the entrance.
  3. Pay for the tent rent as well as security deposit to get the wristband (or you can take your own tent.)
  4. Guided by staff to the designated area and the corresponding tent (there are 4 camping area including A-D.)
  5. After the show, returning the tent and get the deposit back.

Suggestion for equipment:

  1. moisture-proof pad and sleeping bag
  2. clothing, towels, toiletries and nursing materials (sunscreen cream, skin care and medicine)
  3. power bank
  4. garbage bags
  5. mosquito repellent
  6. flashlight and camping light
  7. cotton wadded jacket
  8. rain gear
  9. earplug

The price for each double tent: 80-120 RMB/Day; 120-180 RMB/2 days.
Deposit: 200 RMB.
In addition, sleeping bag and moisture-proof pad could be rented or bought on site.
Sleeping bag for rental: 60 RMB/day, 100 RMB/2 days. Deposit: 100 RMB
Moisture-proof pad for rental: 25 RMB/day, 45 RMB/2 days. Deposit: 50 RMB.
Tent for sale: 280RMB
Sleeping bag for sale: 150 RMB
Moisture-proof pad for sale: 70 RMB


Friendly reminder:

1. Do not bring any forbidden objects, including alcohol drink, fireworks, knives, and drugs. Please cooperate with staff for safety inspection.
2. Please take good care of your valuables and cash when you leave your tent.
3. Please do take care of the tents and keep the area clean.
4. Camping area will be divided in to 4 sections from A to D. Each of them will have a service tent. If there are any questions let the staff know.
5. The temperature difference is a little bit large. Please equipped with cotton wadded jacket and a thicker sleeping bag in case the cold night. Fire is forbidden in camping area.
6. Please keep the area clean. No littering.
7. The Experience
8. Yummy Food!
9. Roasted meat with potatoes, Lobsters, Duck blood and vermicelli soup, Zangshu mutton, Mongolia roasted meet, Shaanxi cold rice noodles, Chinese hamburger, Changsha stinky tofu, Goubuli Baozi, Taiwan closestool-style ice cream, sleeve-fish with satay sauce, Hainan coconut milk, octopus, special snack from Spain, etc.
10. Shopping:
11. Creative market: the most creative market—Imart
12. Official sale: genuine CD for 1 RMB
13. Drinks:
14. No bottles on site. Drinking water will be supplied on site for 2 RMB each cups. You can bring your own cups.
15. Beer Square will be waiting for you to rock with music.
16. Fruit wine, including fresh fruit and juice, will be provided.
17. Pure fresh ground coffee will be also provided.
18. Entertainment:
19. There is an entertainment area set up for kids especially!
20. Taking photos:
21. You can take selfie or family photos by site photo studio. What’s more, Weibo Camera will be a good application for photo shooting.
22. Closeness to Nature:
23. Besides music, Changjiang International Music is located at Zhenjinag ecological resorts which develop a series of ecotourism projects including happy farm, agritainment, potherb feast and live CS, etc.
24. Furthermore, Golden Mountains, Jiaoshan Mountains, Beigu Mountains, Golden Mountain Lake as well as Xijin Ferry in Zhenjiang will be a great experience for family trip.