home_aboutus_300x230As China’s one and only international riverside music festival, the Chang Jiang International Music Festival (“Chang Jiang” also known as Yangtze River) has become one of the mostdistinctive music festival brandsout of Mainland China, for its unique geographical location, the full-on international experience and its differential positioning. Located on the Yangtze River Delta, this annual event pulls in thousands of people looking to enjoy their Labor Day holiday in China with family fun and incredible music. Ever since its inception in 2009, the Chang Jiang International Music Festival has dedicated itself to the philosophyof “Unbounded Music • Enjoy Life”. The 2015 Changjiang International Music Festival will make its first attempt to carry out a brand new model: “Music festival” + “Concert” – a breakthrough from the traditional music festival program which typically only includes 45 minutes sets from the big name artists.

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The Chang Jiang International Music Festival first began in 2009 and was built on the philosophyof “Unbounded Music • Enjoy Life”.In 2012, the festival invited the Japanese pop singer Ono Lisa to perform; in 2013, the Grammy winner Jim Peterik (the singer of Rocky III anthem ‘Eye of the Tiger’) and the new rising American band Lovesick Radio; in 2014, the festival set up the exclusive Jinshan stage only for the outstanding performances from Grammy award winning artists. The invited artists in the past include Grammy Award Winner Nile Rodgers, Ashley Davis, LIT along with A-Mei, Lo Ta-yu, Jolin Tsai, Harlem Yu and Wubai from Hong Kong and Taiwan and Zheng Jun, Huang Qishan and Cuijian from mainland of China. Ever since then, the “Concert” version of the program, which features a 90-minute special performance by the top international artist, has been widely praised by the masses. In 2015, the festival will continue this exceptional practice and bring about an upgraded model.


No matter if you are taking the fast train from Beijing or flying into Nanjing, or even driving from Shanghai, all roads lead to the world famous Runyang Yangtze River Bridge. You will travel over the bridge to the island of Shiyezhou and be totally embodied by music!Once you arrive at the festival you will see a large field with two massive stages which feature some of the biggest names in China and from around the world. There is no reason to leave the island since there is a full camping facility including bathrooms and food all night. The days are filled with carnival games, all your favorite foods and snacks, and companies offering the newest products on the market for you to try. People from all over world come with their family and friends to take part in the experience so the atmosphere is very friendly.
Of course, the reason you’re here is for the Music, and that starts at 2pm and doesn’t stop until 10:30pm! There is over 10 bands playing in these two days of fun and music with full 90 minute concert performances by the big international star artists. Pull out a blanket or jump around – it’s your choice and your experience at the Chang Jiang Music Festival.


Angela Xiaolei TangAngela Xiaolei Tang
CEO/Legend River Entertainment Co., Ltd

Angela Xiaolei Tang is one of the top producers and event organizers in China for live events, including theatrical performances, concert touring, and large-scale music festivals. She has been delivering some of the top names in music from around the world and organizing world famous shows over the past 17 years, which include the Pearl theatrical show at Lincoln Center in 2015, two China tours of David Copperfield in 2002 and 2004, a Beijing live concert performance by American pop sensation Whitney Houston in 2004, three China tours of the Disney Live Show, three China tours of the London Symphony Orchestra, a China tour of Backstreet Boys in 2007, China tour of Ballet of Teatro alla Scala Opera House, China tours of Korea pop singer band – Super Junior and EXO, the 2009 Beijing live concert performance of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter in association with AEG, and won the Honorable Contribution Award for Beijing Olympics 2008. Angela has produced shows for both the stage and screen, including the Chang Jiang International Music Festival featuring past names such as Grammy Award Winner Nile Rodgers and featuring Demi Lovato and Scorpions this year, the Chinese stage show called “Struggle” based on the bestseller novel in China, and co-producer of the documentary “made in China” in collaboration with CCTV and K Media group USA.


LEGEND_RIVER_LOGOokLegend River Entertainment

Legend  River  Entertainment  Company  has  quickly  developed  into  one  of  the  leading  companies  in  the entertainment industry, both in Chinese media and live performances around China. The company is able to reach hundreds of millions of people across China on any particular project with the support of several media channels, including four major television channels consisting of local and satellite, as well as, six radio stations consisting  of  local  and  national  coverage.  Legend  River  Entertainment  is  also  able  to  utilize  sixteen live performance  theaters  in  various  cities  and  three  indoor  performance  gymnasiums  whenever  a  project demands, even training young and upcoming talent.  Legend River Entertainment continues to create content daily for all screens and has become also renowned for the Changjiang International Music Festival, located on an island on the world famous Yangtze River in Zhenjiang. The festival has been blessed with talent such as Grammy Award winning artist Nile Rodgers, Ashley Davis, The Lit band, and furthers its international appeal this year with names like Demi Lovato and Scorpions. It is still the only music festival that has a permanent residential venue in China, mainly because they also own the Chanjiang River International Music Island that it’s staged on and are continuing to develop this property into an Entertainment destination for the world to visit.

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